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Linux on the Toshiba Libretto 70

George B. Moody,

v1.5a, 20 June 1998

The Toshiba Libretto, slightly larger than a VHS video cassette, is the second-smallest computer I know of that can run Linux. Here is a description of how I installed Red Hat Linux 5.0 on a Libretto 70, with details of setting up XFree86, PCMCIA services, networking, sound, and APM. I bootstrapped the installation using a parallel-port Zip drive; other approaches are discussed.

1. What's new?

2. Introduction

3. Hardware description

4. Installing Red Hat Linux 5.0

5. Installing updates and other packages

6. X11R6 on the Libretto

7. User accounts and passwords

8. Networking

9. Advanced Power Management (APM)

10. Sound support

11. Wish list

12. Top ten reasons to run Linux on a Libretto

13. Disclaimer

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